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dompen X Tyson 2.0

Limited-edition dompens and one-of-a-kind designer apparel from legendary boxer and advocate Mike Tyson. A portion of all profits are donated to #BreatheWithMe and New Earth.


Cured Resin Extracts

Three of Tyson 2.0's incredibly potent, terpene-rich, top-shelf strains were extracted for this collaboration––
Lemon Pie, Intergalactic Toad, and Sonoran Toad.

ProductShot_Rendering_LiveResin_intergalacticToad copy-Recovered.png
TysonJumpsuit_3 copy.JPG

Signed Custom
Apparel Sweepstakes

Sale proceeds will go to #BreatheWithMe’s non-profit partner New Earth.


A portion of all profits are donated to New Earth to help build their brand new 'Tyson Auditorium'. New Earth is an organization dedicated to transforming juvenile detention centers through poetry, art, and music mentorship.

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