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Initiatives and Partners

We have several community partners who we work closely with––non-profit organizations, local artists, and more. Learn more about them below.


Skid Row: Connect

Skid Row Connect is a collaboration between The Sidewalk Project and dompen to spotlight members of the vibrant creative community in the Skid Row neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Six Skid-Row based creators are featured on six different dompen multipacks across a select handful of retailers in California. Each limited edition multipack includes a signed print from the artist featured on the front of the box and three different dompen all-in-one vape pens.

100% of profits from the multipacks are split between the participating artists and the Sidewalk Project 501(c) (3).


SoLa Contemporary

SoLA Contemporary is an art gallery that advocates for change by empowering people from diverse backgrounds to explore the intersection of art, culture, society, and politics. They are a nonprofit, artist-run organization that serves as a cornerstone for cultural and artistic innovation in South Los Angeles. SoLA is a safe and receptive space for anyone seeking to experience the power of contemporary art.


The Sidewalk Project

The Sidewalk Project's primary goal is to support unhoused communities in Los Angeles and change the stigma around unhoused individuals
across the world. After 10 years of organizing, the Sidewalk Project 501(c) (3) has branches across the country, the largest being in Los Angeles.

They believe that in our society, houselessness is not a crime or an illness but is often treated as both. Instead, it is simply a circumstance: to be without a traditional 'home.'


Equality California

We released our first dompen multipack as a collaboration with Equality California, an LA-based LGBTQ+ rights foundation.

Equality California brings the voices of LGBTQ+ people and allies to institutions of power in California and across the United States, striving to create a world that is healthy, just, and fully equal for all LGBTQ+ people.


#BreatheWithMe Revolution

#BreatheWithMe supports community racial justice organizations, turns protest into policy, and is building a movement that leads to a Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Commission in the United States.  They are putting the truth of 400+ years of systematic oppression into an Archive of Racial and Cultural Healing to inform Restorative Justice (ARCH).

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 4.49_edited.jpg


Threadhaus, the brainchild of master designer Manny Jackson, is an LA-based clothing brand that focuses on sustainable, multi-purpose, functional, inclusive apparel and accessories with a purpose to dress the world.


dompen collaborates with Threadhaus on its futureweed clothing line.


Jam In The Van

A solar powered mobile recording studio and YouTube Channel that’s changing the way the world discovers new music. Since its in 2011 as a backyard project inspired by a love for music festivals, JITV has since filmed over 1,000 bands in remote locations across the United States. With new sessions everyday of the week M-F, Jam in the Van is the leading taste maker when it comes to music discovery.


New Earth

New Earth is an organization dedicated to transforming juvenile detention centers through poetry, art, and music mentorship.

A portion of all profits from dompen's collaboration with Tyson 2.0 go to New Earth.


Showzart is an anonymous muralist and fine artist based in Los Angeles. dompen has collaborated with them on several initiatives, including 'Skid Row: Connect' and the Tyson 2.0 collaboration.

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