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A mission to destigmatize cannabis.

We are committed to building a transparent and reliable brand that offers the most flavorful and highest quality vape products on the market. Our goal is to provide safe and effective access to as many patients as possible.

We create healthier medical alternatives.

With over 100 unique chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, cannabis is an incredibly versatile herb. As we continue to legalize cannabis, on-going research is allowing us to better understand these different compounds and their effects. Research around medical uses for cannabis only improves our understanding of the plant and how consumers can best incorporate cannabis into health management routines.

We create healthier recreational alternatives.

Recreational cannabis use can provide a healthier alternative to federally legal drugs like nicotine and alcohol without the same overdose risk. We believe legalization can shift social rituals centered around alcohol and nicotine towards a better, healthier alternative in cannabis.


A new format.

We feel cannabis should be simple - to consume and understand. That's why we created dompen. Vaping provides an immediate, easy to dose effect. Unlike conventional vape pen brands, dompen creates the most consistent, flavorful, and easy-to-use vape products on the market.


We build a safer industry for consumers.

An end to prohibition will result in fewer barriers to definitive cannabis research and provide deeper intelligence around use, effect, and potential. A regulated market ensures transparency about product sourcing, composition, and production. Consumers can feel safe knowing that the law stands behind product and retailer integrity.

We build a safer industry for suppliers.

We believe legalization will lead to a collapse of the Cartel-fueled illegal marijuana trade, a significant decrease in the number of incarcerated buyers and sellers, and an increase in law enforcement resources. Drug-related business disputes will be settled in court instead of the often-violent methods used outside the legal system.


dompen in the community.

We are active in our community through several charitable initiatives, outreach programs, and our partnerships with local artists and organizations.



Recycle used dompens at your local dompen retailer and recieve an entry into a monthly drawing for free prizes.

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